"I’m convinced I live at the finest leased address in the KC Metro!"
Every day since I’ve moved in, I’ve felt as though I live in a 5-star hotel. EPC has really created something special in this property. I have had the good fortune to live in some very nice communities during my career and 106 takes the cake. The building is beautiful, the décor elegant and the amenities convenient, plus, there is such a sense of community among the residents here that is unlike most rental properties. But what really puts 106 over the top is the management staff which is absolutely incredible. I have high expectations for customer service, especially for something as important as where I choose to pay to live. "Team 106" not only meets those expectations, but exceeds them handily. Nicole, Osmar, Cheryl, and Will are truly a "dream team," and I see each going above and beyond on a consistent basis. I’m convinced I live at the finest leased address in the KC metro and I just want to say thank you and congratulations to you and your team for creating such a uniquely awesome community.

- David

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"This place is perfect"
I had friends over last night. They have a daughter who is a quadriplegic since birth. An amazing family. The daughter is Lisa. After I toured them around, while riding up the elevator, Lisa said, "this place is perfect. It's so accommodating and accessible". From the parking, the wheelchair ramps, the handrails in the elevator, she noticed it all.

For those of us who navigate daily life in a routine manner, we take that for granted. Not everyone is as lucky. EPC should be congratulated on the facility they have constructed and its ADA compliance. It takes someone like Lisa to make the not so obvious, obvious. It's a great facility to allow everyone to access the amenities you provide. She enjoyed a great night by the fire pit having conversation and a great fall night in KC. A meaningful night for all. Great job and thank you!

- Randy

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"I have never encountered a better personality"
My name is David Dill and I am considering a move to your Mission 106 property. However, whether I lease there or not, I wanted to tell you what an asset EPC has in Stacy Brady. I have rented in high-end apartment communities for more than 20 years and I have never encountered a better personality. Besides being fun and inviting, Stacy has gone above and beyond to answer questions and give tours to both myself and my mom on different occasions. My surroundings are extremely important to me and I don't move often, so I have put Stacy through the paces with questions, etc., and she has been super the entire time and never made me feel like I was inconveniencing her. This makes even more of a statement than your BEAUTIFUL property, and that's saying a lot!


- David

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"Incredibly warm, friendly and helpful"
Love the location!
The staff is incredibly warm, friendly and helpful
Great pool
Outgoing neighbors
And did I mention the outstanding location?

Love living here!


- Clayton

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"She is amazing"
Dear Leasing/Property Manager:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance provided by Nicole. On numerous occasions, Nicole has gone above and beyond to help our family. First she went out of her way (well after hours) to help my son pick his particular apartment. Second, she went out of her way to accommodate all the deliveries and installations that needed to be accomplished. Finally, she has wonderfully welcomed and assisted those of us coming from across country to visit. Nicole has done this with a perpetual smile and "can do" attitude. She is amazing.

- Kevin

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"Always a smile and friendly help"
Thank you for making this such a great place to live. I moved here because of the location and the amenities for apartment living but I must say the staff adds to the benefits of living here. Always a smile and friendly help.

- Barbara
"His follow through is outstanding"
Service Details: Just sending a huge thank you for the prompt service we received with our A/C repair. Joey is awesome and his follow through is outstanding. We appreciate how well he maintains our unit and the building in general. His attitude is always great and his knowledge base is exceptional!

- Cindy
"It has all been so perfect"
Hello Nicole

I cannot tell you how difficult this transition had been on Joey and me. We love you and your beautiful mom, we love being here, and it has all been so perfect. Trust me when I tell you that if we had any option at all to stay we absolutely would. You encouraged me one day by reminding me that God has a plan - and this is in fact how Joey and I see this new path. We simply have to let go and trust His direction.

Thank you Nicole.

Blessings to you always

- Sally

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"Two favorite property management girls"
Thanks to my two favorite property management girls in the whole wide world!

- Kristy
"I would definitely consider 51 Main"
If I was in the market for an apartment I would definitely consider 51 Main. You did a great job

- Kathy
"I like it so much better"
The thermostat was taken care of Monday - same day I emailed Nicole so I owe Joey and her and thank you for that. It works great and I like it so much better as well.

- Matthew
"Thank you so much"
Everyone at 51 Main has been so accommodating. They make you feel as though you are part of a community. Anytime there have been any issues they are always quickly resolved. They have made me and my two dogs feel right at home. Thank you so much!

- Cameron
"We love living here"
We love living here at 51Main because of the Friendly staff as well as the beautiful building! It has been a very nice home away from home for us.

- T & MV
"Unbelievable service"
I wanted to write you a quick note saying that I have been more than pleased, and really astonished, with the service Samantha and I have gotten since moving into 51 Main.

The entire staff has gone out of their way to make our move and short time here a great experience. One particular example of going above and beyond their duty actually came from our only struggle moving in. AT&T was being a real pain (as they are known to do) with installing cable in our place. Joey and the entire staff got in touch with the contractor at AT&T and made sure they sent out a technician to get our apartment properly wired. Joey actually spent major parts of his days following the AT&T tech around making sure he got the job done.

After they got our cable hooked up AT&T would have left a mess with some of the re-wiring so 51 Main sent a maid to come clean our ENTIRE place. Unbelievable service, in this day and age especially. Thanks again for making this feel like home!

- Mario

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"The team there is wonderful"
My Agency loves doing business with 51 Main. The team there is wonderful to work with and our mutual clients agree. In addition, I really like how beautiful the property is and how it stands out in the community.

We recommend 51 Main to anyone moving to the area!

- Mitzi
"She is very easy to work with"
I love working with Nicole Yates. She is very easy to work with and I have heard from the client's that she makes moving into 51 Main, a seamless process.

- Wendy
"His kindness did not go unnoticed"
We have met so many nice people it is unbelievable. Matt was a life saver; his kindness did not go unnoticed and I want to make sure that he knows that. I know that you already know this, but he is a fantastic ambassador for Mission 106.

- Larry
"Everyone has been so helpful and friendly"
Wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with the level of care of customer service you guys have given here at 106. Only been here two months but feel like I am in a nice hotel.

Joined the cocktail time this last Friday and it was great fun and a good way to meet other neighbors! Such nice touches to add those opportunities to feel like a community.

Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. Wanted you to know that it does make a difference. Everyone I have met comments on the staff and quality of attentiveness here at 106.

- Victoria
"We really appreciate the work you are doing"
Just want to thank you to you and Haley (and Stacie from time to time) for doing a great job both managing the property and getting leases signed.

We really appreciate the work you are doing.

- Steve
"She has been delightful to work with"
I'm a new resident over at Mission 106. I've always been a believer when you see really good people, they deserve to be recognized. I wanted to provide some feedback on Faith Morasch.

She has been delightful to work with. I've observed a very high energy, pleasant, and effective person who does a great job in representing EPC and working with people. She always responds quickly to questions and gets things done. She has a very pro-active mindset, and the ability to make challenging situations turn out positive. She is always pleasant, smiling, and seems to really do a great job in managing multiple tasks at hand.

I know that Mission 106 has had its startup challenges. From my perspective, Faith is doing a great job working with the new residents and delivering both good and sometimes not so good news. Such a positive attitude and great problem solver. She is really doing a great job.

I have not had the same amount of time to get to know Hailey, but I think you have another excellent person on board to support everyone. The two seem to work well together and make a good team. On several occasions, Hailey has already pro-actively reached out to help me out. It's been most appreciated.

No need to respond, just wanted to share and recognize good performance and let you know your team is representing you well. They have a pretty big challenge on their hands.

- Randy

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"You have been absolutely amazing"
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers welcoming us into our new home. What a warm and delightful surprise! We are so excited the time has arrived! You have been absolutely amazing and we are so grateful for everything. We love being a part of this community!

Thank you for all that you do for us...the repairs, the clean halls and most importantly, the wonderful smiles!

- Mary, Paco & Hershey
"I greatly appreciate your kindness"
As we all know, moving can be a huge gamble and very stressful. Thanks so much for making the transition smooth and simple. I greatly appreciate your kindness, patience and chocolate!

- Michell
"You have all been absolute gems to work with"
Thank you so much for the gift card! I will enjoy a nice evening. You have all been absolute gems to work with!

Thank you

- Chere
"You were the most enjoyable"
Thank you for all your help with our son Braden getting his studio apt. We talked to several leasing agents in the area. You were the most enjoyable to work with.

- Ray & Melanie
"Thank you so much"
Thank you so much for visiting West today! We love the funny breakfast too! I am sure we will become partners to help serve Lenexa/Shawnee. Best of luck.

- Pam
"She made us feel right at home"
I wanted to reach out to you and give a kudos for employee Stacy Brady. We've been working with her on leasing an apartment at Domain City in Lenexa. Me and my partner have viewed at least 12 different apartment complexes in Johnson County area looking for are new place and prior to that I looked another 10 a few years back and I have yet to come across a great employee such as Stacy.

She made us feel right at home since the first time we viewed the unit. Every time we've had questions or concerns she went above and beyond to get us the information we need and set up time for us to view the apartment again. This can be hard seeing as my schedule and my partner schedule is pretty packed during the week (I travel Monday - Thursday, and my partner is finishing is degree and working full time), yet Stacy worked around are schedules and found time for us each time.

We've met with plenty of other apartment communities in the search for the right place and many of them are very nice, but Stacy's outgoing and easy to talk with personality was one of the reasons we choose Domain. My current leasing office staff is less then responsive and most times I feel they could care less about the people living there. So, having someone Stacy to work with is awesome. Plus, is great that she is as excited about the apartments as much as you are.

I could go on for longer about what a pleasure it’s been working with her but I will leave you with saying THANK YOU very much for having an employee like Stacy! We look forward to moving in soon.

Also I will add one last thing, the finishes for the Domain apartments really felt top notch. I've viewed many places where the kitchen had granite, stainless steel appliances and top of the line everything. Then you go into the guest/ main bathroom everyone will see, and its cheap plastic shower surround, cheap counters, with cheap faucets. It’s almost like you walked into another apartment. I didn't see any of that at Domain and was very very very happy about it. I see the nice finishes throughout the units in all spaces. Also, the Nest thermostats is another added touch that really put the place over the top and shows what real "luxury" apartments should be like. It also showed me a company that I’m excited to being living in one of their communities.

Thanks again!

- Anthony

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"Thank you"
My husband and I were among the very first to move into 51 Main. We had owned homes in Prairie Village, Mission Hills, and then a large condominium in a high-rise luxury complex, with 24 hour doormen. To say we were somewhat apprehensive of moving into an apartment building, might be an understatement. We have now been in our apartment for 7+ months and are delighted with our new home in KC.

We knew that we would have some issues moving into a building while construction was still in progress. Any issues we have had, have been immediately taken care of in a first class manner. It has been obvious from the beginning that the staff of 51 Main has made it a goal to make their tenants happy and have gone the extra mile to make sure we are satisfied.

Kudos to Nicole, Jill, and Joey for always being attentive to our requests and for always having a smile on their faces!

Our apartment is quiet (a concern we had) and comfortable. Parking is easy and secure (another concern prior to moving in.) We are glad that we chose 51 Main.

- Susan

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I’ve lived at several different places the past couple of years and none compare to 51M. Simple things like the hallways, garage, fitness center and landscaping always being clean and presented neatly are things I really find pleasing. Also, the staff always answers my questions quickly.

You all rock!

- George
"The communication is great"
I am writing to give feedback about my apartment complex having recently moved in.

1) First of all, I liked the maintenance of the community including regular cleaning as well as prompt response to maintenance requests. The communication is great between the tenants and the office management.

2) Office people are pleasant and are always welcoming. They facilitated me when I was moving in as much as they could. Also when movers broke my bed, one person from office came up with an idea which helped set up my bed again.

3) Community is safe and peaceful and at the same time there are also abundant activities for socializing.


- Ata

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"I really enjoy living here"
Just wanted to send a quick note to say I really enjoy living here at 51 Main - it’s a very social group, the amenities are great (LOVE the pool area), and it has great access to the Plaza/Loose Park/etc.

- Brian
"She made us feel so welcome"
The greatest asset of any company is their people and at 51Main it is NICOLE YATES! From the minute I met her to look at the property, I knew she had found her niche in life. She made us feel so welcome and we have found a friend in her.

Not only did we love Nicole, but the property's acceptance of our crazy dog was so heartwarming. Not many places consider a pet family, but 51 Main sure does like we do.

We are VERY happy with our choice for our second home in the Kansas City area!

- Jon & Peggy

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"Your thoughtfulness is appreciated"

Thanks for the yummy cupcakes, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Have a great weekend,

- Carolyn
"I am really liking this apartment"
Thanks to Joey and Co. for the great improvement in my air conditioning.

P.S. My chemo is over and so is the outpatient thing. On Tuesday I started walking in Loose Park. I have done it every day since. I am at 2.6 miles in 52 minutes. I go out Baltimore exit at 6:45 AM and walk to Loose and back. It is so beautiful and convenient. I am really liking this apartment. If I keep liking it I won't leave.

Thanks to Shelli, Jill, Nicole, Joey, and the new maintenance guy.

- Richard

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"You're the best"

Thanks for info, and thanks for making us so excited about our great new apartment. You're the best!

- Kathleen
"Nothing short of amazing"
I just wanted to send in a quick note to thank the associates at 51Main. We moved in on October 1, 2015. Nicole, Jill, Shelli and Joe have been nothing short of amazing. From the first moment walking into the property to view as a potential new home, every associate at 51Main has made us feel like part of the community. Our Google Fiber was not installed as planned and it was very frustrating. Even though it was not a 51Main issue, the associates went out of their way to do everything possible to assist us to get our Google Fiber installed.

We are very excited to now be living in our new home and because of the wonderful staff we feel like it is home.

- Johnna

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"I virtually never need a car"
My close friends are the management. Nicole and Jill are kind and holy, and our new manager just arrived! Joey, head of maintenance, is always taking care of problems promptly, and is also kind and holy. I love the neighborhood with my church, Visitation, in the next block. The public library, two blocks away, is a destination in itself. And shopping on the Plaza is only four blocks away. I virtually never need a car.

- Sheila
"I have told all my friends about 51 Main"
I first looked at 51 Main in May and moved in in September. I experienced only accommodating, professional help from securing my move in date to identifying the right floor plan for me. I have never experienced such a smooth transition from one city to the other. I have told all my friends about 51 Main.

In addition I love the neighborhood where all needed services are conveniently located and it is nice to see neighbors walking to local restaurants.

I highly recommend 51 Main.

- Gerald

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"The staff are beyond helpful"
Hi Nicole!

You property is stunning! You and the rest of the staff are beyond helpful!


- Alison
"I love this place"
Our company works for 20 to 25 customers of which 15 or so are apartment complexes, some keep us busier than others but there is one property in particular that is very special to me, this property happens to be 51 Main.

We have been around the property since the very beginning since we were only able to clean the model home, now that I sit back and think about how much we have grown with the building I can narrow it down and can easily figure out why this property is so special to us and is not only the amount of business we get from them or the times they refer us to their residents but by far it would have to be the amount of smiles we get from all the staff members, from the maintenance supervisor to the property manager to the leasing manager to the assistant manager they always make time to say hello, smile and make a small conversation about our day, our weekend, our families, etc.

These are the reason why I love this place and why this place is so special to me.

- Luis

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"The property is beautiful"
We have been lucky enough to be invited to some of 51 Main's resident’s events. The property is beautiful and the residents are always enjoying themselves, along with the amenities & service offered to them!

- Rachel
"They simply do an excellent job"
Good afternoon everyone. My name is Randy. I was among the first residents this spring into Mission 106. I was asked to just share a few thoughts about my experiences here at 106 and some insight to my decision to locate here.

I had recently decided to downsize from my home in Lionsgate . I've always been a fan of this area. I used to come here when it was the Saddle and Sirloin Club. When I saw construction had started and I looked into what was being built, I really got excited the prospects of living here.

Now that I'm here, it's absolutely wonderful. First of all, it's Leawood! I was formerly head of Global Sales and Marketing for what some of you may recognize as the Butler Manufacturing Company. Having traveled the world, my own experiences taught me there is no place like Leawood!

Last week, some of you may have heard, that the Kansas City area was ranked number three in cities with the greatest food across America. Well being able to simply walk out the door to some of the best restaurants that made that ranking possible is fantastic. Food is great and it's a really fun area.

Amenities. The amenities here are fabulous. The guest suites, coffee in the morning, the luxury look and feel of the Social area, a very high quality health club. Personal trainer on site. Masseuse on site. Black car limo service, towel service at truly a resort like pool complex with fire pits, grills, and beautiful common areas. It's a very secure building with restricted access. And something you don't often think about, is they have one of the best tornado/storm shelters I've ever seen. In Kansas, that's a big deal. That suggests the level of detail of thinking that has gone into the development of the community.

There is great access to the trails, a short drive to the plaza and midtown. Access to great shopping, and so much more.

One of the things I have been most impressed with however, it the on-site management group of the facility and the support that has been given by the owners. Managing large properties such as this, especially in the early days, it a very difficult task. I was in the construction industry for 36 years and I know how that works. The group here is outstanding. They simply do an excellent job. From a resident's standpoint, I thank EPC for finding such great people and to Faith, Haile, Stacey, Matt, Will, and Hope, thanks for all you do for us.

So, if you know anyone looking for a great place to live, make sure they have Mission 106 at the top of their list. It's a great community to be able to call home.

Thank you very much and congratulations to all involved.

- Randy

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"I feel so fortunate to live at Mission 106"
What a great party!! Thank you so much for planning such a wonderful, fun event! The food was delicious, the drinks flowing and everyone was having a great time.

We know you were all exhausted and your feet were killing you (especially the ladies), but the smiles never left your faces.

Joan and I feel so fortunate to live at Mission 106-much of our happiness is due to all of you- what a fantastic team. We cannot thank you enough for all you do for the residents.

Congratulations on a successful and fun event!

- Jean and Joan
"You have really gone above and beyond"
Thank you so much for all you have done for RJ & I this past 1-2 months! You have really gone above and beyond in making all these transitions/ surprises go smoothly for us. We truly couldn’t be more grateful for your help! We are so happy to finally be “home” and are thrilled that our 1st home is with you at Mission 106. Thanks for always being so happy and positive in all you do!

- Casey & CJ
"Thank you"
Thank you taking the time to help me last week with ATT. Appreciate the extra client care!

- Jeff
"Words don’t describe my gratitude"
Words don’t describe my gratitude for your kindness, thoughtfulness and for listening about my monster. We love you both and will never forget this.

- Lawrence & Randy
"I can’t imagine living anywhere else"
Thank you so much for remembering our birthdays in such a special way. Joan and I can’t imagine living anywhere else - you all take such good care of us and have provided so many fun opportunities. We know when we call or come into the office you will be smiling. Thanks for all you do to make us feel love and at home.

- Jess & Joan
"You guys are awesome"
Thank you so much for the gift card. You guys are awesome and did not need to do that! Thanks for the continued welcome.

- Cole
"Working with each of you has been great"
Thank you all for the wonderful card and amazing food. Working with each of you has been great and I hope that we all end up together across the street. If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call me!

- Aly
"It was such a pleasure working with all of you"
Thank you for all the time and effort you and your staff put into making the Goodwill donation drive a success. It was such a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you for supporting our mission and making our community a better place. I look forward to working with you again next Spring.

- Allison
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